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Since 1996

Our EMMY Award winning team has been creating films for different distribution channels and Islamic organizations. Our mission is to benefit Muslim families and communities by leveraging our talent in creating healthy alternative entertainment and media. At 14th Road, we understand the multi-dimension challenges that Muslims face from Islamophobia to education to raising children. Our goal is to provide valuable resources for Muslims in the USA in keeping and raising healthy productive communities.

Our Projects


Animated series intedned for children ages 8 to 12. These series focus on teaching Islamic manners, kindness, cleanliness along with some basic Qur'anic Arabic vocabulary.


Three documentary films focused on the Muslim life and its challenges in the US.


14th Road supports events that are in sync with our values and philosophy. As such, we sponsor and support the Halal Fest™. If you have an event that you want us to support, contact us.


Our award winning team can come to your community and teach basic video/film production techniques from script to distribution.


14th Road has several scripts in production. The genres fall under education, suspense, mockumentary, and comedy.


Our training videos use the latest learning theories both for adults and children. If you need any training video, contact us for a quote.


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14th Road Core Values

Treat others as you like to be treated. Children are our future. Family is the core of any healthy society. Moderation is key to success in both worlds. Don't follow fads. There is no such thing as "moderate Islam", Islam is moderate by its core values. Say no to sectarianism and violence. Islamic extremism would be extremely peaceful, acts of violence are never Islamic.

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In addition to our own independent projects, we can create custom videos for your organization or ideas. Contact us to get a cost quote.